Friday, June 18, 2010

We're in a happy place.  Can you tell?

Summer is soon to be here (Dave's last day is Tuesday), days are long, the puppy training has been going well, and Maya is a delight (after a few days of teething sadness).  Daylight lasts longer and our CSA has started again.  Just look at our loot from yesterday:

(snap peas, a head of green leaf lettuce, rainbow chard, spinach, arugula, garlic scapes, turnips and beets)

Maya ate part of a pancake for breakfast, is loving blueberries, and attempts to communicate more and more.  She also has resumed her love of hiding things.  Luckily, she only has one hiding spot, under her legs.  She demonstrated her superior hiding abilities when we played with chalk (thanks Shuffs!) at the playground yesterday:

                                                                                    Mama, do not look at my hidin' spot.

Ok, chalk, are you guys still down there?

No one will ever be able to tell where I've hidden it all:

More stories soon to come.  I have so much to share and never enough time or creativity.  Things on our plate include:  Maya has more advanced hearing testing coming up (again.  sigh), Parker gets his training vest and goes out in public (woohoo!), the walk to the CSA was ridiculous (in more ways than one), I'm working on a new communication system with Maya (in addition to signing), and I'm still planning on winning the lottery (I'm up to $0.41!).

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lisa said...

yay for fresh veggies! thanks for reminding me to water the garden!!

maya is so cute with the chalk! i'm glad she's enjoying it!! :)