Friday, June 25, 2010


Summer began here on Tuesday night, when Dave returned triumphantly from the last day of school.  And it will continue for about 2 weeks, when he returns for summer school :)

Who has time for blogging when the days are filled with lounging, picnic blankets, and field trips in the car?  (It helps that we had 5 canceled therapy sessions this week, due to vacation, illness, and a doc. appointment----really feels like vacation with so much empty time!)

So, an update (for real) will come sometime soon, but today I'm enjoying lounging too much.  Soon to come, updates on:
-Maya is an eating rockstar
-Our dog is the teacher's pet that everyone else in class hates

1 comment:

Run Amy Run said...

You may have to change Maya name to Maya the Mad eater and Parker's to Perfect Parker!

Enjoy your mini vacation.