Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Turning 2!

We arrived in NJ to a chalk "Happy Birthday" welcome, and 2 very excited little cousins who wanted to wish Miss Maya the happiest of birthdays . . .

But Maya wasn't so sure, and took a while to warm up . . .

Soon she was loving the backyard, and so were Collin & Emerson:

Hey Parker, let's play in this house . . .

No, no, we aren't allowed to climb out the window . . .

Get back here, you doggie!

Maya can walk now if two buddies hold her hands (my mom & I):

And Parker proves that he can "leave" his most favorite treat (cheese) with no problem:

Dave, Superdad & Grill Master:

Then Prince Parker said it was time for cake.

Last week, Maya's special instructor asked me how I thought she would react when everyone sang "Happy Birthday."  I said "Oh, we do music class every week so I think she's used to big groups singing.  I don't think she'll care.."  But Virginia said "Oh no, she'll realize that everyone is looking at her.  She'll react."

And she did.  With a combination of surprise, wonder, and bewilderment:

And Maya wants to thank everyone for their generous gifts, and for stopping by.  We even had the Hausers & two sets of neighbors come in to visit!

It was a perfect way to turn 2 :)


lisa said...

yay maya!!! we had so much fun seeing you guys!! Maya is just SO adorable and she is getting so big!!! i was so excited to see her standing and cruising around! and Parker is just the cutest most well behaved puppy i've ever seen. him and maya clearly have a very special bond! so great to see you guys!!!

grandma said...

it was such a fun day----good company, good food(and grillmaster) and great cake!! it was so nice to have my family all together.the kids were so great and i'm so glad helaine and joe could make it out too