Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm trying to tell you something

It's fun to watch Maya try to communicate with us more and more, through signing, sounds, and temper tantrums.  Well, the last one isn't super fun.  

We're working on encouraging her to make sounds instead of only signing.  She's pretty consistently saying "Mmmm"  or "Ma" for "More" and making some open-mouthed sounds for "Open".  She loves saying open----open food, open doors, open bags of toys.  Good things happen when you open stuff.

Here she is, first signing for me to open, and then trying to talk---note the big rounded mouth trying to make an O, and the fact that she does more than one syllable :)   Progress!


Lisa said...

Yay Maya!!! I love to see her communicating!!!! :)

Sarah said...


Lisa and Joe Bisti said...

That's some nice lip rounding!!! And multisyllabic utterances!!!

Dana said...

Lisa, your comment made me laugh out loud :) I still have your books to mail back (and I've still been copying things)---didn't want you to think I've forgotten!