Saturday, June 19, 2010

25,000 page loads!

Just opened a bottle of wine to celebrate the fact that our ticker has crossed 25,000 :) 

Thanks to all of you readers who care about us, laugh at (I mean, with) us, share encouragement and witty words of wisdom.   While I love sharing our stories and sillyness, I also hope that this log of our life could possibly touch other parents of kids with special needs, dog lovers, toddler lovers, hair losers, etc.  Please forward it at will, link to us, email me at the contact address above, etc.


Ok, Dave told me to quit being ridiculous and get back to work.

What, isn't this how everyone blogs?

Ok, just kidding---this is me marveling at the size of Parker's new crate, which could easily house a pony.  Here we are, showing off the ridiculous size:

Thanks again, readers :)


grandma said...

25,001 ;-)

grandma said...

ps. any excuse to open a bottle of wine!!!!

lisa said...

and the numbers keep climbing!!! :)

Dana said...

I think you 2 probably account for a significant number of the page loads, but it's still pretty neat :)