Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another day, another bucket of hair

Parker and I are now on a schedule where I attempt to remove hair from some part of his body about every 3rd day.  Sometimes I'm really ambitious (like yesterday) and we have a morning session and an afternoon session.  Other days, not so much. 

I'm of the mind that if you're willing to put in the effort to research and try something new, and you're not afraid of some failure, you can pretty much learn to do anything (I put that in bold because it's a pretty important life philosophy).  And having Parker around gives me daily opportunities to challenge this theory.  Most things are going well, but the dog grooming is kicking. my. ass.  Initially I thought "$80?!?  Every 6 weeks?!?!  Oh hellllllll no.  I can do this."  Now . . . $80 for a dog haircut seems kind of like a bargain.

Today I buzzed his body shorter (poor guy still gets so hot when we're out walking!) and did 1 foot halfway.  So 1/8 of his feet is done.  Not including toenails. 

Here he poses with the bucket of hair I removed today:

In other hair news, mine is still falling out.  A lot.  The bald patches are widening, despite the shots, extra vitmains, and medicated shampoo that makes my scalp all tingly.  When I shake my head it smells like a medicine cabinet.  BUT----as more hair falls out, new little hairs are growing in!  Check out the comparison pictures:

Before (5.15):                                                                   After (6.3):  (See the fuzz???)

Closer up . . . see, there's little fuzzy hair there.  Something's happening!

Before:                                                                             After:

I felt a little crazy taking the pictures at first, but now I'm glad to have them for comparison purposes :) 


stacy said...

I see a big difference!! It looks like there is definately a lot more hair growing in! And as for Parker- he looks great- and good for you doing it so often- I don't think I would do that but it is really good for him!! See you next weekend- can't wait to meet Parker and see you, Maya, and Dave again!

grandma said...

there is definitely re-growth!!!

Run Amy Run said...

I subscribe to your philosophy and admire your perseverance! Not that I have firsthand experience, but it seems like grooming Parker is like shearing a sheep?!