Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Take-A-Look Tuesday: Aided Language Input/Modeling

Yesterday I gave you some links and information about aided language input, today you can see it in action. Continuing the Take-A-Look Tuesday theme for #AACawareness month, here are some video clips worth watching about ALI!

Note: These are all YouTube hosted public listed videos. I don't own them (well, except for the two that have my kids in them) or have any affiliation with anyone involved in them.

This is a really solid, great overview to Aided Language Input. I love how it doesn't focus on requesting, but shows how to model comments, questions, and many other things that a child (or, really, any person) might want to say.

This video is about using a PODD book for communication, but the first three minutes demonstrate some great modeling and exploration that would be useful to an AAC communication partner on any type of system:

This clip shows modeling in a therapy session with a 2 year old who is new to AAC:

This video (of Maya and I) shows dual device modeling--when the AAC user has their device and the communication partner uses a second device to model. At home we use a mix of modeling on one device and dual device modeling:

This video shows modeling in action with an older student (longer sentences, questioning).


This video (of my kids) shows Will learning the word "drink" on his talker. There is modeling in the beginning and then again around 1:45 (and I think this shows the light, fun tone that home AAC use can/should have):


Hungry for more videos about modeling? Check out this Pinterest Board from the great Lauren Enders: AAC Video Example of Implementation/Aided Language Support.


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