Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Maya is 1!

Ok, technically, today Maya is 13 months. But let's pretend it hasn't taken me this long to post a birthday update and she's actually 1. We had a great, and low-key (so low key that the birthday girl took a nap in the middle of her party) birthday party. Both sets of grandparents came, along with Lisa, Jay, Collin & Emerson. Maya took a little 45 minute nap to gear up for the excitement.

Daddy left early in the morning to get balloons filled, while mom got some snacks ready and decorated (with the invitations that came with the party supplies. Since I never sent them out I got crafty with them.). The Shuffs arrived first and we all went out to lunch together. Then we returned home, just in time for Grandma & Grandpa to arrive. Maya napped and Grandma Lainey & Grandpa Joe came with more presents! We played on the floor, opened presents, and ate cake (A doggy cake made by me, and a strawberry shortcake that Dave's parents brought up from the city because it's the best cake ever!). Here are pics:

Arriving, with Aunt Lisa & Emerson:
I'm just learning how to crawl . . .
Weeeeeeeeeeee! It's my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

We get to rip paper? I LOVE ripping paper!

Collin helps to open the present, much to Maya's delight . . .

Cake time!!!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you . . .

Um, I'm not sure if I want this . . .

I will do a one-finger poke, but that is all

MOM! Cut it out!


Yummy strawberry shortcake
With Grandma Lainey & Grandpa Joe:

With Grandma & Grandpa:

Grandma, Collin, Jason, Lisa, Emerson, Grandpa, Maya, Mom & Dad

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I'm not sure if this technically counts as crawling, but it's definitely progress!