Wednesday, December 31, 2014

AAC Family Post: December!

Here are some photos from AAC families, near and far, in December---thanks to all of those who submitted pictures! The next AAC family post will be on the last day of January (2015!). Photos can be emailed to
5 year old Westin talking to Santa using Proloquo2Go!

From Lemmy's mom: "Lemmy (age 4) was talking to his Aunt Rita with the iPad using Speak for Yourself. He was talking about various toys and I (his mom) went and found them for him. He was really amused. I think he was enjoying me running around the house trying to find them."

Harry (3 years old) chatting while hanging up Christmas decorations in Australia!

 Harry uses the PODD pageset on the Compass app.

 Josh (6) at the park . . .

and feeding ducks!

 Isaac (5) uses TouchChat60 to talk to his mom. She said that winter break is a little too long for him!

 Wyatt greets Santa and wishes him a Merry Christmas! (You can read more about that meeting here.)

Cymbie heads out with her sister, Ainsley (3), and Speak for Yourself to see some friends on her 7th birthday!

 Mirabel, age 3 and lives in Ohio,  "helping" mom at work on a weekend with Speak for Yourself in her talker, a plate with donuts and Baby Signing Time on her DVD player. She is also signing eat in this picture!

Tom (using Speak for Yourself) joking around by spelling out the word "poo!" (Editor's note: Ha! Maya would totally do this.) 

E (3) and C (19 months) color together and use C's talker to discuss crayon colors. E already knows how to help C into babble and is gentle and playful about prompting use of C's talker. C is in her second week of using SFY!

"We have since added the keyguard to C's talker. She is sitting on Mommy's lap making jokes- calling Mommy the names of her therapists and giggling about the silliness!"

Joshua using his iPad mini with Speak for Yourself at the zoo!

From mom: "Carlos Andres, who uses a Tobii I12 with eye gaze. We've had a HUGe mount that is almost limiting, however, the table stand has finally arrived!! I kept the box in the picture! We are so thankful for "Tobii" he's become part of the family. ;)"

From mom: "Santa left a message for the kids on Felix's talker, obviously Speak For Yourself was pretty easy for him to learn. 'Thank you for the cookies, your (gingerbread) houses look great, love Santa.' "