Monday, July 28, 2008

Would you like to see the baby? Or hold her? Be my guest!

I don't want to be a crazy, annoying mom. Like the "you gotta see the baby" mom from Seinfeld. (The first couple secs of the video are weird, but then it works)

Maya and I went to brunch on Saturday with my friend Maria and after we had been there for about an hour (most of which Maya slept through) Maria finally had to say "So am I going to get to hold her or what?" Oops. I don't want to be like "Hey, you want to hold my baby?" In my mind, this equals "Do you want to hold my water bottle? Or backpack? Oh, it might drool on you. Have fun!" But of course, if I was out with a friend with a new baby I would want to hold it. How do people navigate this stuff?

I guess I'm now erring too far on the indifferent side of having a baby. Which is better . . . coming off as unaffected, or obsessed?

So feel free to come play with the baby :)

On a different note, I figured out how to get video in the blog. So hopefully we'll have some little home videos up soon and you can see Maya in action (swinging, in the tub, mowing the lawn, etc.)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm trying . . .really

I know, this hasn't been updated in way too long. I promise, I'll upload the camera and throw up some really new pictures in the next few days (for some older new pictures, keep reading).
When Maya's awake, I can't blog (obviously). And then when she's asleep I have some choices:
-take a nap
-wash the bottles
-take a shower
-eat something
-finish more announcements/thank you cards (which I'm still not done with)
-cook something
-answer email
-add to the blog

The blog is always the last thing on the list. Oh, and the cleaning isn't crazy dusting-disinfecting cleaning, it's putting away laundry, picking up the stuff that gets dropped all over the house, organizing stuff, etc.

I try to hit my physical needs first (eating, pumping, napping) and then my mental needs (trying to get through organizing projects so I'm not drowning in clutter) before other stuff. This is why it's taking me 23 years to get out the announcements and thank you cards, and why my inbox is overflowing.

Here are a few pictures, highlighting Maya's activities:
She takes baths:
She hangs out with her buddies:

She has photoshoots:

Which sometimes go badly:

She goes shopping:

And out to eat (sushi here, see the chopsticks?):

She reads:

And expresses her feelings:

Some of these pics are really old (I think the sushi one was when she was 3 wks old, so that's a month ago now!) but they're better than nothing, so there you go :)