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-If you'd like a 2 sentence summary:  This blog is about Maya, an adorable girl with special needs and no diagnosis (not for lack of trying).  I (Maya's mom) give an honest voice to both the struggles of our situation and the joys it brings, with a touch (or handful) of sarcasm.

-If you want to get the basics (like who I am, who Maya is, and why I blog in the first place) check out:  About Us.   Not the most interesting page, but it fills you in on the cast of characters.

-If you're interested in the court case that threatened Maya's communication app, check out these posts, which all have the label "PRC vs. SFY."  If you start with the oldest post and read forward, you can see the whole thing unfold, from start to (finally) finish.

-If you're interested in how we communicate with Maya, who can't speak, you should check out the "Our Communication/AAC journey" tab.

-If you like to read the more serious, deeper thought type of pieces, then here's a list of the greatest hits:  Amsterdam International,    We Are More Thankful Than You Are,   For the therapists, from the mom,      Life, Undiagnosed (and how I came to be ok with thatThe BalanceThe Boats of Acceptance, He's just not that into us, doctor styleUndiagnosed thoughtsThis isn't what (I thought) I wanted, and When I first owned up to being "special needs".  Also, check out anything with the label "deep thoughts."

-If you get a kick from a weird celebrity connection, or are an ice skating fan, then check out the Kristi Yamaguchi connection here: This isn't an ice skating blog?!

-If you want to see something that will make you laugh, or at least smile:  Maya gets her license,  Maya attacks me during a photo shootOur favorite bedtime storyThis kid is hilarious, Telephone dramaBaby Maya goes to the dog park.

Other details:
-Use the label list:  If you're interested in undiagnosed posts, click the "undiagnosed" label.  If you want to know how we use the iPad, click the "iPad" label.  Etc.

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