Friday, October 10, 2014

#AACfamily Friday: Week Two: AAC out and about!

It's time to celebrate our AAC families---near and far, older and younger, using different systems and philosophies--and come together as a community!

AAC use isn't limited to people sitting at home, or sitting in the classroom---it happens everywhere! Any place that a speaking person might want to talk, an AAC user should have access to their device (hint: that's everywhere). Here are some photos sent in by AAC users and supporters out and about with their devices:

Daniel shopping with his mom, talking about "green" and "yellow" bananas using Speak for Yourself! (Frederick, MD)

Millie (2) using her iPad with Proloquo2Go in the car to talk about her breakfast! (Brisbane, Australia)

Hosea (4) watching his sister drive a go-cart (before his turn)! He's using an iPad running Speak for Yourself. (Florida)

Lily Grace (5) rocking her PODD book while riding a steam engine! (San Francisco)

Westin ordering balloons with help from Proloquo2Go!

Ham, 2.5,  telling her favorite joke, "Oh no. What happened?" with Speak for Yourself! Check out her mom's blog here!

Jess heading to work with Speak for Yourself! Check out her mom's blog here!

Mirabel (3) at Culvers (restaurant) patiently waiting for her ice cream! (Ohio) 

Dylan modeling his little brother Charlie's PODD book out and about! (Nottingham, UK)

Eva using Proloquo2Go at her fiddle lesson! (Saskatchewan, Canada)

 Motivational speaker Glenda Watson Hyatt uses the Proloquo4Text app on her iPad to rock the room at the InBound Conference in Boston, mid-September!

Her message: "This is your life. There are no dress rehearsals. Go out and live it!" Check out her website here

 Evie using her iPad with TouchChat to ask for a hot dog . . . 

And, success! (at Detriot's iconic Lafayette Coney Island)

Maya and her mom using Speak for Yourself while out to dinner! You're reading her mom's blog right now. (New York City)

 Jack and his AAC specialist, Mary-Louise Bertram! (Australia)

Jack accesses his customized PODD book via auditory scanning---and has written some amazing poetry! To read one of his pieces, follow this link and scroll down until just until the black box with the whale information!

 Jonas (7) using his PODD book in the air . . . 

and at the park! (France)

Elanor in her carseat with her ever-present talker, an iPad mini running Speak for Yourself! (Check out her mom's blog here.)

Cadence using her talker (Speak for Yourself) at the grocery store! (London, UK)

 Ordering ice cream with Proloquo2Go!


Eva (5), using Talk Tablet on a walk! (France) 

Nik shopping at Target with his Accent 1000 (from PRC)! Check out his mom's blog here!

Nicole (25) using Proloquo2Go at her weekly bowling trip! (Nashville, TN)

 Lexy using AAC at the pumpkin patch . . . 

  and while choosing flowers to visit  . . .

at the local park!

Christopher (7) with his AAC device: an iPad mini running an extremely customized version of TouchChat (with 112 buttons per screen) while wading in the river at camp!

Eva (8), using the AACORN app, which is new to her, at the grocery store. (Saskatchewan, Canada)

Tia Sara using AAC picture cards at the mini zoo to talk about the animals that she is seeing. (Slovenia)

Ashlyn using Proloquo2Go on her school field trip to the pumpkin patch . . . 

and on the hayride!

 Felix and Speak for Yourself . . . 

 on a walk . . .

through the leaves!

 Campers using various systems at Camp ALEC, an AAC and literacy camp! (Philadelphia, PA)

 More information about the camp can be found here!

And a few from some dedicated AAC-loving SLPs:

"Heading out for an AAC consultant with a school team for a student we share. AAC device in tow!" from Cassandra of Vlinder Therapies

Angela of OMazing Kids has new vocabulary added to the Aacorn app for several pumpkin-themed books, with Mr. Pumpkin Head!

A cute and trendy strap made by a super crafty SLP, with more details here. 

And now for next week's theme: as we all know, AAC learning (and usage) doesn't happen alone. Giving an AAC device to a child doesn't make them an AAC user any more than giving a child a piano makes them a pianist. So, for next week, let's see AAC users (and their devices) with someone else: a parent, a sibling, a friend, a therapist, a cousin, a teacher, a pet----anyone! 

The more information you include, the more fun it is to see the pics (name of user, type of device, name/relationship of communication partner, location). Photos to be included must be emailed to me  at by Thursday night at 8pm (EST). Please email them there and don't message me or tag me on Facebook---it's too hard for my tired brain to keep track of all of them.

If you liked this week's #AACfamily photo post, check out last week's!

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