Friday, October 3, 2014

#AACfamily Friday: Week 1!

Every Friday is October is #AACfamily Friday!

These photos, information, and links were submitted by AAC users (of varying ages, on many different systems) and supporters of AAC users. Being part of an AAC family presents a unique set of celebrations and challenges, and it's great to come together and peek into the lives of other AAC families!

Next week's #AACfamily photo post has a theme! Please see the information at the bottom of this post for details.

(if you share this, or other AAC photos on social media, throw on the #AACfamily hashtag so that we can all connect with and support each other!)

In no particular order . . . 

Graham and his Dynavox going to prom. -from Randi of Say It With Symbols (Facebook page here)

Shaun telling his Great-Grandma that he lost his first tooth with Speak for Yourself.

Engineering the environment for aided language stimulation 

Neither rain nor sleet will stop Bree's voice!

Felix on his way to speech therapy

AAC and the Wonder Pets save the day! 

He's excited about the new words that were just added to his talker, an iPad mini running Speak for Yourself.

Nicole painting with her talker (running Proloquo2Go) beside her.

Elanor (2.5) talking to herself! (with an iPad and iPad mini running Speak for Yourself) 
(See more at her mom's blog and Facebook page)

If I teach my doll to ask for a snack, then I can get 2-one for her and one for me!

 Cori is a 23 year old ausistic occasional user of AAC.

(using an iPad mini with Speak for Yourself)

Mirabel (age 3) using Speak for Yourself with help from her 5 month old sister.

When one AAC device just isn't enough! Harry, from Adelaide, Australia, is using a PODD book and the Dynavox Compass app on his iPad air. 

The breakfast bar of an SLP who loves AAC!

Nico rocking out for AAC awareness, with the guitar that he got for his birthday and his trusty talker at his side.

Ludovic, 4 years old, is a new PODD user whose family is modeling everywhere-even at the beach! He is one of the first children to use PODD in France.

Clarissa with her talker at lunch. (an iPad running Speak for Yourself)

Family dinner, AAC style! 2 sisters use their devices (a Dynavox Maestro for one, Proloquo2Go for the other) to join in the dinner conversation.

Ricky Buchanan runs and is multiply disabled. She uses these cards whenever talking gets too hard.

Cadence, 2 years old, using her talker . . . 

 . . . and getting her point across. (using Speak for Yourself)

Even goats love AAC!

High interest AAC supported vocabulary books.

How many types of AAC can one CDA (Communication Disorders Assistant) update at one time? (A Springboard, an iPad running Proloquo2Go, and PCS cards for a student using PECS!)

Samantha and her Tobii in music therapy . . .

  and with her sister,Allison , who is learning how to model on the Tobii . . . 

 and at the lab getting her blood drawn . . . 

and apple picking!

Westin saving the day with help from his talker (an iPad running Proloquo2Go)

The makings of a lockdown bag, to help a girl with Rett Syndrome keep her anxiety down when the school is in lockdown mode, with Tobii eyegaze in the background.

Maya and Will, chatting via an iPad and Speak for Yourself!

Daniel learning to ask for help . . . 

and  multitasking-telling Mommy about the characters on TV and drinking juice at the same time!

 Tia Sara, 8.5 years old, lives in Slovenia (where the AAC community isn't very large). She uses Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically and a computer with head switches. For yes/no she is using the low tech communicator Helpitalker, but she also has a communication binder and sometimes an iPad.

 Tia Sara's switch set-up . . . 

 and more of her communication options . . . 

and with the iPad, too!

Ice cream is an ice breaker for conversation! (Check out Jessie's mom's blog and Facebook page)

A "Down by the Barn" support running on the GoTalk app, made by Angela of OMazing Kids!

Eve (4), who usually uses TouchChat with WordPower, feeding a big bear! She is pictured here with her PODD book.

 Ressie, who is 4 years old, using her talker-an iPad running Speak for Yourself . . . 

 which has been with her for many celebrations . . . 

even at her parent's anniversary dinner (see the talker in the upper right corner?)!

 Abby,17, uses a Tobii C12 eye gaze device. She needs to use it all the time, but doesn't use a wheelchair (so no wheelchair mount), table mounts were not always the right height and easy to knock over, and rolling mounts were big and a tripping hazard. She shouldn't have to choose between  walking and talking---so they came up with a walker mount!

 These pictures were taken at Camp Communicate, a camp in Maine for AAC families.

And this picture was taken in a treehouse!
And one video submission:

Mateo addressing the school board using his Dynavox, sent in by his mom Tina, who blogs over here!

For next week's AAC family post, I've got an idea for a theme: I'd love to see pictures of AAC users out of their homes! Let's show how we travel with AAC, how AAC goes everywhere---to the grocery store, playing in the backyard, in the car, at school, etc. Anywhere that's not in your home! Therapists/professionals-show off your offices/classrooms/gyms (that have AAC present or AAC bulletin boards, etc).

If you send in pictures for #AACfamily week 2, please include: any caption/link you want me to use, your (general) location, and the type of device your child is using. I love seeing all of the different ones! Pictures can be emailed to me: and must be received by 8:00pm EST on Thursday night to be included :)


Kate said...

I love this! And I am thrilled to see that three of the kids shown are "my kids" (aka kids I have had the pleasure to work with)! Graham, Samantha and Abby! Wonderful series.

Shelly said...

I love this!! I've followed your blog for a little while, but this is my first time commenting! Thank you for your posts of encouragement and sharing your family with all of "us" your followers. ;)
My son is six and uses a Tobii I12 with eye gaze! I'm trying to attach a pic of him and his almost 2year old sister talking with his Tobii!
Well, I can't get the pic to attach...I'll try again another time!

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Mateo brough tears of joy to my eyes.