Friday, October 17, 2014

#AACfamily Friday: AAC Users & Communication Partners

Welcome to #AACfamily Friday! This week we had a drop in submissions---mid-month slump? (Honestly, it was kind of appreciated during a rather stressful week on my end.) Here are some awesome AAC users with their communication partners!

Felix showing his sister that we programmed "feather" into Speak for Yourself!

3 year old Harry from Australia and his dad playing and having a chat first thing in the morning!

Olivia (who will be 4 in two weeks) using Speak for Yourself on her iPad mini with her brothers, Michael and Jayden, and her sister, Carlie!

A whole AAC family! Jess's parents each went voiceless for several days in October to get the true feel for being an AAC user---you can read about the experience on her mom's blog

James (4) learning to communicate using a Tobii C-12 via auditory scanning with his SLP, Landon. They are playing a fishing game, talking, having a good time!

Maya and Will, chatting in the stroller!

Daniel uses Speak for Yourself to talk to his grandparents, who live far away!

Hosea joking with his sister Avelina by saying "pants" and gesturing to his head!

Thanks for the contributions-I look forward to seeing these pictures each week! For next week's #AACfamily Friday post, anything goes: any AAC related picture is game. More information is more fun, so try to include your location and the name of the device/app. Email submissions to me (by next Thursday, 8pm EST) at: 


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Melissa said...

I love these posts! We are just beginning our AAC journey and we are looking at cases that are portable. I love the case and straps that Felix is using in your first picture...just wondering what case it is and how the straps were's so cool! Thanks for all th e helpful AAC posts, it gives newbies like my son and I inspiration!