Friday, October 31, 2014

#AACfamily Friday: The end! (for now)

Thank you to the families who sent in pictures of their AAC users this week! (I didn't even manage to get a picture this week.) I have loved seeing, and sharing, photos of AAC users and their families/teachers/therapists. I am going to continue with the AAC Family posts throughout the year on the last Friday of each month---so feel free to email them my way ( at any time.

Without further ado . . .

 This is Charlie from Nottingham, UK, showing off his skills using his new Talker with the PODD app . . . 

even on horseback!

 This is Lily Grace, age 5, checking out the sea otters at the aquarium with her papa. Lily Grace uses a PODD book.

 This photo is a selfie of Alyssa Hillary (22), of Yes, That Too with laptop showing desktop and text to speech app. The speakers aren't really showing up (off to the side) but the set-up is a Windows 8 machine with eSpeak and Logitech speakers, for part-time AAC use by a graduate student and TA (that'd be Alyssa, taker of picture and person in the picture).

Joshua, 5 years old, using Speak for Yourself.

Hosea (4) using Speak for Yourself at a pumpkin patch in Florida.

Mirabel, age 3, getting a treat after her audiology appointment. Two modes of communication . . . saying "donut" on the talker followed by signing "please" . . .one very clear request! 
(Which was promptly rewarded!)

Lemmy in Virginia using SFY on his iPad! He's just starting out and still a bit excited (as you can see from that blurry hand haha). He's exploring babble with his mom.
Lemmy has CVI, so his buttons are rainbow colored with high contrast black and white icons.

Felix showing off his talker with its new red cover!

Less than a year ago, Harry (now 3) used a 20 location PODD book to announce his mom's pregnancy on Facebook . . . 

and now he's using the 60 location PODD pageset on an iPad (on the Compass app) to chat while his newborn sister sleeps! (Congratulations on becoming a big brother, Harry!)



Kathryn said...

Dana- I think I figured out what the "M" thing was but I don't have a facebook. Mats, as in rolling on them. Hope this helps

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Dana, for showing us all these amazing families. They are all so inspiring!

I don't know if I get to ask things like this, but if you get a chance, would you write about how you guys are doing? How Maya's development is doing, overall, and Will, and you wonderful, wonderful parents. I would love it.

Have a great, wonderful day :D

Adeline from Montreal