Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Take-a-Look Tuesday: 2 videos about AAC use by AAC users

Take-a-Look Tuesday brings you two AAC videos made by AAC users--one is informative, one is funny, but also informative, if you don't know any adult AAC users and haven't had a chance to see adults fluently using AAC (since many of our readers have/work with young AAC users.

First up, The Language Stealers. From the video's YouTube description:

As part of the Radiowaves Street Life project, funded by Youth In Action for the British Council, and with additional funding from Co Durham Youth Opportunity Scheme, animator Vivien Peach working with us at Henderson House, Chilton. We made Language Stealers to promote our 'Equality Without Words?' campaign and the language boards of core words we are making. 

Language Stealers is a story of attribution, exposing the real barriers to communication for students with speech and motor impairments as being more to do with the situation they find themselves in than anything to do with their disposition. If nobody gives us a way to say or write the core words, or only gives us lesson nouns to go on class worksheets but no literacy instruction, then how dare they attribute our language delay to lack of ability? 

Next up, the Voice by Choice Comedy Sketch. This makes me smile every time I see it! Set in the context of adult AAC users at a speed dating event, it's also a commentary on some of the challenges that AAC users face: time lag, mishits, and limited voice selections. (You need to know that "bugger" is "used to express annoyance or anger" ---although not as commonly here in the US. Urban dictionary info here.) From the video's YouTube info:
This comedy sketch was written and stars Lee Ridley (aka Lost Voice Guy) and looks at the funny side of going speed dating whe you use a communication aid. 



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