Thursday, December 30, 2010

Joy to the world*

Our Christmas festivities, and the days since, have brought with them all of the magical things that Christmas is supposed to bring:



(going in for a kiss)


(and support and devotion from your nearest and dearest, and faith in an ever-more-standing future)


(wish granted in the form of a giant snowstorm, and she sure does love sledding)


(helping Daddy in the kitchen in her new safety tower, which opens to us a million new possibilities for interacting in the kitchen---thanks Grandma & Grandpa!  Moms of kids with special needs---this thing is totally worth it.  Maya can't stand on a chair, like others her age can, but in here she's much more safe and can help clean the counters do kitchen stuff.)



Wait, how did that one sneak in there? 

Yeah, she's sick.  Me too, although she's got it worse.  3 breathing treatments and 1 pediatrician visit today, and it's something viral that is causing a lot of postnasal drippage (yeah, gross).  She's coughing herself sick (literally and figuratively).  Actually, as I'm typing she's coughing herself awake again.  Sigh.  Poor little thing.  It might be a long night. 

Oh, and Parker & Maya both adore the snow, so we've got some cute pictures/video  :)


kris said...

So much to be joyful and happy about...but I have that same post-nasal crap. It's been a long couple of weeks...hope it's a shorter stay in the Nieder house.

She's looking so BIG these days.

Happy 2011, Dana, Dave, Maya and Parker!

marie clare said...

The pic of Maya standing beside Parker is beautiful!

Jo-Anne said...

I just love seeing the pictures of Maya and Parker. So adorable. Aren't these winter viruses awful? Bleh. I hope you guys feel better soon.

Cheryl (in Buffalo) said...

I just have to say that Christmas dress is soooooo adorable!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Maya is ridiculously cute. And it warms my heart that she has such great parents. I have a special needs kiddo too and I love to meet other parents that will "throw down" for their little ones. (I especially like your previous posts about fighting with the parking people and the insurance company...ha ha!). I work in a genetics lab, and Im curious if a couple of the docs here may have a suggestion for testing. Not that you don't have great doctors but a little free help never hurt anyone right? Anyways, thanks for the smiles I get from your blog. Its also nice to have other parents to connect with that understand. I will definitely be checking in for updates. Happy new year!

Colleen H said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Nieder family. Maya looked adorable in her Christmas dress. I hope 2011 is a great year for all of you.

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