Sunday, January 2, 2011

You just got schooled

Christmas Break Recap Pop Quiz
Which of the following did not happen over our Christmas break?
a)  Maya got sick.
b)  We created a private sledding hill in a snowdrift on our corner
c)  We were honored by our grocery store.
d)  We got a bunch of household projects & cleaning done.

The correct answer?

Well, it certainly wasn't a). 
Per usual, we were off and illness struck.  The good news is that Maya's fever is gone now and all that we're left with is a nasty cough.  A few more days of humidifying and nebulizing and we should be good.

And b)? Yeah, that one happened too.
We loved playing in the snow!  Parker got his first snow experience . . . we would walk him to a snowbank and say "Go!" and he would dive with reckless abandon and leap around.  Here are a few pictures that Dave took (looking down from our apartment window):

Maya had her first sledding experiences.  In the morning, we walked (and hiked, and climbed, and lifted the stroller over snow piles) to get to the big hill . . . and she had a great time. 

Too great of a time, as it turns out, because she had a holy screaming tantrum for the majority of the trip home. 

So in the afternoon (and the following day) we just took her sled into the big snowdrifts around the 'Dale and made our own sled paths.  And it turned out, that was just as much fun:

Dave & Maya at the top of our "hill", Parker waiting at the bottom)


When she got to the bottom, she would say "Mo mo" (that's "more, more") and at the top I would tell her to say "Daddy!  I'm coming!" and she would call out "A dabadada" :)

The most fun thing about our little private hill was that she could go by herself like a big girl: 

(Also, this is embarrassing, but you're going to want to keep your sound turned really low for this one.  Turns out I shriek like a girl when I'm animated and excited.)

If you only see a blank square and a play button, click play and the video will appear.

You must have picked c), right?  Because who gets honored by a grocery store? 

We do, my friends. 

We do. 

And while I'm sure you're desperate for that story, you'll just have to wait a day or two, because I'm starting to feel like I'm writing a novel here.

So, the correct answer is d). 
This place is a total sty.  While I normally get a little stir crazy on Mondays (over 3 hours of therapy, plus meal times and naptime mean we spend the majority of the day trapped in the apartment) I'm actually looking forward to getting some serious cleaning done.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Maya-
Great photos of fun in the snow! I have to say, I loved the phrase "holy screaming tantrum"...because I might have one right now about going back to work tomorrow. I hope you had a great Christmas! Any time you guys want to visit Northern VA, come on down! Love, Maria

Foxxy One said...

Aww poor kid but why is she on a nebulizer? They recently came out with a study that shows that using a neb isn't as effective as an inhaler w/a spacer. They have even discontinued using nebs with newborns instead using the spacer/inhaler.

Love the sledding! Dylan just about lost his freaking mind sledding this past week.

grandma said...

love the stew leonard photo and info---although i hear parker is feeling a little left out LOL

jerri said...

That is so wonderful that she loves sledding, cause you guys sure got more than your fair share of snow! Was too funny watching her sled by herself, and you see those giant gloves in the clip. Loved it!

Dana said...

Maria, that made me lol. I hope your return to school wasn't as bad as you feared :)

Foxxy, I don't know anything about infant spacers---I've never seen any spacers that didn't require the user to seal their mouth around it and inhale. Either way, the nebulizer works well for us . . . I use it as needed as well and since I feel an immediate relief I like to think that she does, too.