Thursday, January 27, 2011

The least fun snow day in all the land (2011 style)

The title alludes to our 2010 least fun snow day.

Dave had a snow day today!  (And the crowd goes wild!!!)

Maya threw up intermittently from 6 pm last night until 8 am this morning (boo!)

I got sick mid-morning and had to spend several hours in bed (boo!)

While I was sick in bed, Dave played with Maya, managed Parker (who is still a little nutso as he heals), and cleaned the floors (hooray!).

I did manage to get a couple snowy pictures around 5pm, when we all ventured out to clean off a car and walk to the grocery store----I still don't feel well enough to fiddle with uploading and laying out pictures here, so I'm just going to upload an album to the Facebook page (it's set to public, so you can go check out our pictures even if you don't have Facebook).  We got 18 inches, I think---and I lovvvveee snow and winter, so I think it's fabulous :)

(On the bright side, Maya seems close to normal, so we're thinking this is just a 24 hour bug).


Melinda said...

Hope it was a 24 hr thing and that Maya is back to herself asap. And that you are too!

Jo-Anne said...

Bleh! I hope you guys feel better soon and get more actual fun in the snow! =)