Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday to Dave, a champion among men.
That's us, celebrating Dave's "Sexy Legs" victory onboard our cruise to Alaska (August 2005)

You've got the best sense of ridiculousness . . . our silly, carefree, who-cares-what-they-think approach to enjoying life made us a fun couple back in our unencumbered days . . . and the fact that we still have regular fits of laughing-until-we're-in-tears-and-I-collapse-onto-the-floor is probably what keeps the hair that I have left from falling out.  (And you seem to be responsible for all of those laughing fits---either because you're cracking the jokes or egging me on.)

Thanks for being adventurous, for not shying away from a ziplining tour or a spur of the moment trip to Ikea.   I guess with the right approach, anything can end up being an adventure.

See, with the right perspective, even unpacking can be fun :)  Remember, I was pregnant and starting to get sick from the moving dust and dirt . . . we were sweating and tripping over things and literally could barely sit down . . . but you were still smiling.

Thanks for being a tough guy . . . handling our home improvement projects, opening tight jar lids, and being the grill master.


Even if sometimes it's a tiny grill.

And thanks for being such a great husband that you special ordered replacement iced coffee Starbucks cups for me from Thailand when my original one met its end.
(that's the box that my cups arrived in from Thailand)

In the past 7 years, we've gone from a-funloving-carefree-couple, to a-funloving-carefree-married-couple, to funloving-parents, to funloving-parents-with-a-lot-on-their-plates to celebrities.

(wow, check out the biceps on that guy)

Happy birthday, buddy.  Thanks for another year of celebrating good times (come on) and soldiering through the rockier ones.  I can't wait to see what your 34th year brings.  You're the best husband and partner a girl could ask for.

Oh, and Maya wants to say something, too.

Hi Daddy,

Right from the beginning, you were my best friend.  I loved you from the moment we met.

Ok, actually I was pretty tired right then. But just a tiny bit later . . . look, I was smiling at you, even in my sleep. 

You've loved me through the good times . . .  and the smelly times . . .

You taught me the finer things, like how to kick mom's butt at scrabble.

And you're always there for me. You don't just come home and play silly games . . . you're the type of dad who left work early to be there for me when my appointments went from run-off-the-mill to the-road-less-traveled. 

And you did it with a smile.

You did so many of my firsts with me (like my first time swimming) . . .

. . . and you're so fun that you even had me laughing though my pre-surgery-hungry-crankiness.

You help me kick back and relax . . .

 . . . and you took the plunge into first time dog ownership to give me my partner in crime :)

You give the best tickles around . . .

. . . and your shoulders are perfectly Maya-sized! How did that happen? It's like they're made just for me!

You encourage my sillyness by playing along with my games (the carrot isn't for bunny, it's for you, Daddy! ) . . .

 . . . and you're teaching me how to be a big helping girl :)

There's just no guy who would be a better daddy for me. You're the best daddy ever. I don't even think you're that old . . . does it go 1, 2, 34?  I think I saw that written somewhere, and it makes total sense because I'm 2 and you're 34 and we act the same age :) 

 I love you and Happy Birthday!!!


Jo-Anne said...

LOL That's awesome! So super sweet. =)

kris said...

Happy birthday, Dave!

What a great post, D.

Colleen H said...

Happy birthday Dave and many, many more with your very loving family.

grandma said...

great post, great memories, great pics!!! happy b-day dave :-)

anne said...

Dana, You win Wife-of-the-Year award for the nicest birthday wish ever.