Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We wish(ed) you a Merry Christmas (2009 style)*

Last year we thought that we had come up with a great card.  It was a pictoral representation of 2009, it made us laugh, and we thought it was clever.  We didn't anticipate that it would prove to be possibly too clever.  Have a look:


(sorry that it's a little blurry, I'm not a tech person so I don't know how to clean that up!)


Get it?

To us, it made total sense.  Spring = Maya is sad, Summer = Maya is sad, Fall = Maya is sad . . . but in the Winter, Maya is happy!  Tie it all together with "It's the most wonderful time of the year" Christmas song quote, and we loved it.   But then we had a few conversations that went like this:

Them: "Hey, we got your card!  It was really cute.  It was interesting how you picked so many crying pictures, though."

Us: "Did you get it?  Like with the whole 'it's the most wonderful time of the year' thing?  You know, because the holiday season is fun, so she was only laughing in the winter?"

Them:  "Ohhhhhhhh . . . "

Us:  (Sigh)

Oh well.  We still think it was an excellent card  :)

So now you've seen 2008 (Maya's first card) and 2009 (Maya's 2nd card) . . . in a week I'll put up this year's card (which is Maya's 3rd card and Parker's 1st card).   And this year's card . . . well, let me just say that it's good. 

Really good.

(I'm slightly biased, but whatever)

I can't wait to share it here!


brocks*mom said...

I actually *got* it. :) Very cute idea, too bad it was misunderstood.

Sarah Kay said...

I loved last year's card. When looking at the winter photo I actually hear a chorus singing "Hallelujah!". I do think this year's card may be one of the cutest I've ever seen! What will you do to top it next year?

Jo-Anne said...

Totally get it! That was an awesome idea. =)

Anonymous said...

that is a hilarious card! How can you not get it??

Krista said...

I didn't get it, but only because in the "Winter" pic it looked like she was crying too because it was blurry.

I think it's a great card! I wish I was on the list ;)

kris said...

i loved that card. totally "got" it.

Dana said...

See, you all understand! We think that this year's card is less subtle, although you do have to check out some clues in the background to fully "get" it.

Sarah-I have no idea what we'll do to top it! This year's card idea came to Dave right at the end of November :)