Wednesday, December 22, 2010


So I haven't been able to post recently because I had no eyes.


I mean "i"s. 

What happened was, in an irrational fit of frustration, I ripped the stuck "i" key off of my keyboard.  As it turns out, that didn't help.  At all.  It just left me frustrated, sheepish, and unable to type normal sentences without whacking away at my i nub.  (iNub sounds like a new Apple product)

See, this blogger sums it up just right.  Sometimes a series of somewhat mundane annoying events is enough to send a person into a Sneaky Hate Spiral.  And if you're me, you get up in the morning already a few loops into the spiral, what with looming (constant) insurance battles and (non)diplomatic street fights and all.
(Please read that link.  It makes me laugh out loud, and not many things do.  But you can't skim it---you have to really take the time to read it and slowly look at the pictures.)

 So Dave decided that he could just order a new keyboard and replace it himself.

It wasn't at all scary to watch him disassemble my computer (the cocktail in the lower left corner of the above picture may have helped with that).

And it WORKS!  I have a new keyboard and a superhero husband :)

And he did the repairs right next to our wall of love (that's where I hang up all of the Christmas cards that we get).  Except for my sister's, because Maya needs to carry it around so she can hang out with her cousins.


Crisco said...

iNUB! I love it!

Sara Sedey said...

I actually can see our card on the wall of love and I feel loved!

Unknown said...

Yay for having a new keyboard!

Anonymous said...

One time when Kayli was about 5 she got into my husbands laptop and peeled off about ten keys! Oh man! It was an interesting project.