Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's coming on Christmas . . . *

I Love December. 

L-o-v-e December.

My birthday is Dec. 19---same week as Christmas.  While this sometimes brings birthday sympathy ("Did you feel like you got shortchanged because everyone's busy with Christmas-y stuff?"), I love it!  I love that my birthday falls right during the time when everyone is decorating, listening to carols, wrapping presents, drinking hot chocolate . . . it's like everyone (everyone who wants to, anyway) has stars in their eyes.  And snow!  There's always the possibility of snow, too!  I'll leave my feelings about snow for some other time, because I could fill a few pages with them.

Anyway, in honor of our entry into December (and Hanukkah, too!  Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate!) I bring to you Maya's First Holiday Card.  This was Dec. 2008, she was 6 months old :

Yes, I really put her in a pot.  Yes, it was really on the stove.  She couldn't move, the burners weren't on, and she was (clearly) having fun.  So don't hate mail me.

We have a bit of a holiday card obsession.  This is the one from 2008 . . . in a few days I'll put up the one from 2009, and then this year's card (it's a good one---some folks will have them arriving in mailboxes this week!)

In other EXTREMELY EXCITING news . . . guess what arrived today?!?!?!?

Did you guess?

That, my friends, is our handicap parking permit  (and the champagne that we are currently celebrating with)!

If you're not a New Yorker, you might not fully understand the wonder of this thing . . . it's not like "I can get a closer spot at the grocery store". 

Instead, it means that I don't have to carry Maya out to the car to move it for street cleaning.  It means that instead of leaving for feeding therapy 1 hour and 15 minutes early to allow for parking time, we can leave 25 minutes early and just grab a "no parking" spot close to the building.  It means that as Maya starts walking more, I'll be able to park close enough to places to actually allow her the chance to practice walking, rather than tossing her in a stroller all the time.  It means that (hopefully) my arm, neck, hip, and back won't hurt as much from having to carry her everywhere.

It's a game changer. 

It was a pain in the butt to get (an 8 month process, which included having to get Maya a license, and resubmitting forms because they couldn't read the doctor's signature---really?) but in the end, we were victorious :)


Helen said...

LOL at the card and Woo Hoo on the parking permit!!

CC said...

Congratulations!! So happy for you--alternate side of the street parking is THE WORST! And that card is so cute--amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dana! I just started reading you blog a few months ago when my cousin (an OT) sent me your Amsterdam International post. I've been stopping by for a bit and figured it was time to say hello! I just wanted to say, as a young adult with a disability, I've really enjoyed yoyur perspective and I absolutely love the videos you post of Maya! If I'm ever having a bad day, I come to your blog and see what I can find. Congratualtions on the parking sticker! I know how great that is! Also, congrats to Maya on her steps! So exciting! :)

Jo-Anne said...

Haha I love that card. It's awesome! Also, congratulations on the parking pass. I can only imagine how much nicer that will make things on you guys. Hooray! =)

Jack said...

just began readng your blog today so havent read to much other than you still have NO dx for Maya.
I wonder if anyone has tested her for Angelman Syndrome? you can learn more here and
With her developmental delay, inability to speak and she appears extremely HAPPY you may want to learn more about this....
have a GREAT holiday month...
Tami Mugler

Sarah Kay said...

We received your card in the mail today and it put a smile on my face immediately! I LOVED IT! As my son would say "two claps X X, You ROCK!"

Dana said...

Thanks everyone :) The permit is definitely helping to make life easier.

mcarta: Thanks for taking the time to read the blog, and for iintroducing yourself! I'm glad that Maya helps brighten your days :)

Tami: Thanks for the suggestion . . . I haven't looked into Angelman, but the doctors haven't suggested it, either. At some point I'll look into it more.