Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hungry like the wolf, part 2

Parker is experiencing toy confusion.

This cow is mine

Actually, that's misleading---he is experiencing toy confusion, but not with the cow.  He just likes to cuddle the cow.   The blue car, however, is another story:


To be fair, it's not his fault.  It's Maya's fault.  Maya likes to play with her toys on the coffee table (which we encourage, because then she's standing and bending and twisting instead of just sitting on the floor).  The coffee table is right next to Parker's crate, and now she likes to sneakily load her toys into his bed. 

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Obviously, that's enough to get a puppy confused.  The other night we didn't notice that Maya had put her blue car in the crate, and he slept with it overnight.  In the morning, he woke up with it there and started chewing away . . . and now he thinks it's his.  He'll sniff around her pile of cars, gently lift out the blue car, walk away and flop down somewhere and happily chew to his heart's content.  

At this point I almost feel bad shouting, "Parker!  Leave it!"  . . .  because he looks up at me with such sincere curiosity, it's like I can hear a little voice in his head saying " . . . but it's just my blue car!"

Oh, and Maya thinks it's really funny when he takes her toys.  She'll hold them up to his mouth, and if she can get him to take it (he's so gentle) she starts giggling madly.  So that's helpful.

I am mildly concerned that if I'm not vigilant, we will have a Little People/little animal/little car massacre on our hands.

In other news, I had a hysterical breakdown on the phone with our insurance company today.  I cried, stomped my feet (yeah, that's embarassing but true) and when the representative told me that she "could put in a request for a supervisor to call me back, but they were both busy right now" I got menancingly quiet and say "Oh no.  I'm not getting off this phone.  So you can pretend to be looking up all of these claims, we can talk in circles about my paperwork, or you could just tell me about how your day is going if you want.  But I'm not. getting. off. this. phone."    I hate that so much of my time is spent fighting with people (insurance, agencies, DOT, soon to be DOE) and organizing paperwork in order to fight more effectively. 

It's no wonder my hair falls out.


kris said...

Maya and Parker are totally mischievous! Love it.

I do NOT love the insurance lady. I'm so sorry for your frustration, D. Red tape is stupid, for lack of a better (or stronger) word.

erin said...

As a professional person (social worker) who has to call other agencies on other people's behave (ie social security, welfare, medical billing places etc.) I know first hand how frustrating it is and trust me I have my moments as well! The other day I was calling Tracphone, which offers a free phone/minutes to people on medicaid, which sounds great but there are a thousand rules and regulations and the tech support people are Indians who are reading off a paper. Anyway I got so frustrated because my client who has a phone and hadn't received minutes for November or December they were telling me that she wasn't in their system after having me on hold for an hour. I told the woman that this was the worst company in the world and hung up.