Thursday, April 1, 2010

Went right through, trip to the zoo, took a giant poo (sorry for that) & threw up a few times too

Feeling better this morning (stomach virus yesterday brought us our first vomit experience). Our OT brought a tunnel, and Maya went right through!

Then we headed in to the Central Park Zoo . . . where Maya encountered a scarier looking tunnel.

No going through that one. But we had fun :)

"Daddy, why do those kids run so much when they could just hang in the sun like us? They're missing out on the good life."

Despite all of the super cute animals . . .

Only one pair made Maya giggle today . . .

Then we met Grandma Lainey for lunch, which ended with a dramatic diaper blowout (that we luckily noticed as we left the restaurant). The car was a short walk away, and it was the Worst.
Diaper. Ever. I'll spare you the details, but here was the end result. Maya, naked (but keeping her legs together, very ladylike) in the back of the car.

I want to help clean up too!
(how fortuitous that we were too lazy to unload the box of baby wipes that's been bouncing around the trunk)

I'll just wipe my hands like this:
(notice the huge pile of debris on the ground)
And I'll throw this on the pile!

It was cute . . . she watched us wiping and dropping stuff on the pile, and just wanted to chip in. She threw 2 wipes before we convinced her to stop playing around and put new clothes on.
After we returned home the afternoon went downhill, filled with vomit and other grossness. The best puking part was when she threw up in her bedroom, while Dave was holding her next to the dresser, and she threw up into her open sock drawer. Filled with clean sock, mittens, tights, etc.
What a mess.
We're crossing our fingers for a healthier little girl in the morning.

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Foxxy One said...

Eak! There is something going around - hope it's like what my son had -24 hours and all better. She is so cute!