Monday, April 5, 2010

Foot in mouth

So my rhyming-titled post was all like, Maya had a little bug, but she's over it, went to the zoo, diaper explosion, ha ha, whatever. Then we all got sick. Really sick. We spent Friday laying in bed (all three of us, in a row) with a little alarm set to wake up every 15 mins and give Maya littles syringe-fuls of Pedialyte. Then we moved to the living room and layed on the floor:

(that black strip down the right side are my pants)

The next day we went to the park, where Maya met a dog named Polly who magically cured all of her leftover yucky feelings:

And then I bounced her around to shake out any last viruses:

We got better in time for Easter, but still have occasional stomach issues. I'm not feeling up to doing an Easter post tonight, but the pictures are uploaded, so it will be soon! Also, Maya got some big girl sneakers today, so look out for a picture of those soon, too.

(Are you on the edge of your seat yet?)

(I thought so.)

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grandma said...

as carly simon sang, "anticipa-a-a-a-tion" can't wait!