Friday, April 23, 2010

Meet Parker!

This was the only picture we managed to get tonight, after hours in the car and a melting down Maya.  Parker (so named because Maya is developing pa-pa-pa, which is one of the easiest sounds to make, and because I like dogs with people names, and also his breeder's last name starte with Pa, so that was nice) is a 13 week old standard poodle.  He's adorable, right?  Maya's kind of in the dark, although she was delighted to see a dog walking behind us in the hallway when we got home.  More pictures and video are sure to come tomorrow :)


Colleen H said...

Parker is adorable - I hope you and your family enjoy him for a long, long time.

lisa said...

SO excited for you!!!! it was nice to see you today too!!!

Dana said...

Thanks Colleen! (and Lisa)