Thursday, April 15, 2010

Packet is finished!

We have recommendation letters from her physical therapist, special instructor, and pediatrician.  I have mini-summaries of a bunch of articles from several different journals, highlighting the benefits of dogs working with special needs children.  A wrote up a mini-biography about Maya, and printed a list of therapeutic goals that dogs can help with.

Do you have a special needs child who would benefit from a dog?  Do you need to petition someone for permission?  Need help drafting reference letters?  Are you just someone we know who is nosy and wants to see our packet?  ;)

Email me and I'll be happy to send stuff along:


Lisa said...

I'm nosy!!! Send the packet my way :)

So excited that everything is coming together so quickly for you! I hope everything goes through easilly with the board, you guys certainly deserve something to go quickly and smoothly!!!!

Lori said...

Just so you know...Grandpa Joe may never again enter your apartment. Perhaps that was your intention??? I can hear the dander comments already!! xoxo