Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Can't think straight and a camera cap

I would love to have the energy to do a full post right now, but I feel like a new mom (people with 2 kids might disagree, but I swear that getting a puppy is like adding a toddler to the family).  Last night Maya was babbling at 3 (why? I have no idea) which woke up Parker.  Then he had to pee (luckily we have pads out on the terrace, so I could just bring him down the hallway).  Then he thought it was playtime and was bummed to go back into the crate, so he was whimpery.  And Maya kept making noise on and off.  And I am so. tired.

But I know you people only care about pictures anyway, so here:

An aerial view of the living room dog run:

Sometimes Maya is on the outside, trying to chew her way in:

But if I leave the gate open, she quickly wants to be inside, opening & closing the gate.  Open. Close.  Open.  Close.

Well, this is just ridiculous:

This was so funny.  Maya found the lens cap for the camera on the table as she was cruising along.  As with anything she finds, she picked it up and threw it on the floor.  Parker needed to investigate, and decided the quickest path to the cap was through Maya's legs.  Of course, she squealed and giggled :)

How cute is that?


carollee03 said...

Adorable!!! Hope you get some sleep soon :/

julia said...

Dana - your blog is fantastic! Rats giving birth, puppies crawling through legs! I'm a amazed. I always say having a dog is like having 1/2 a child, the benefit is always that you can leave the dog home alone!! My kids are in bed and now my first child, my Yorkshire terrier, gets his turn!!

Looking forward to hearing more about Maya

-Julia from Hannah's class.

Lisa said...

hooray!!! puppy puppy!!!!

to be fair though, my favorite part of these photos is just seeing Maya standing and exploring! :) She's getting so big!!