Friday, January 29, 2010

Standing up, for reals

Maya stood up today!!!!
(Some of you who are avid readers of this blog (I mean, who isn't?!) may be thinking . . . um, this was news circa Oct. 2009 . . . remember, the post titled "Things I do, 2 awesome updates"? But that phase of pulling up to stand only lasted a week. She would pull to standing and then cry hysterically because she was stuck . . . she locks her legs and couldn't bend to get down. And then she stopped pulling up.)

This morning after PT she crawled across the mat and stood right up next to her "table". I was so psyched and took a pic:

Carol (her therapist) and I watched and waited to see what would happen . . . and she managed to get down (she puts her hands down onto a little stool that was next to her, then bent her legs down). And over the course of the day she stood a bunch more times. Dave didn't get home until late, so we taped it so that he could see:

(Signing Times is a dvd series that teaches American Sign Language to kids . . . it's what Maya is learning, we usually watch a dvd once a day)


kris said...

Go, Maya, Go! Sorry I missed it, but I'm confident she'll show off for me when I finally get up there.

grandma said...

hooray maya grace!!!!keep up the good work!!!!

lisa said...

YAY Maya!!!! She's quick to get that!!! Emerson waves at the screen and says "hi mine-uh" :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dana,

Hi from Colombia! Just saw your post & showed it to the girls. They was so excited to see Maya and hear your voice!! Go Maya!!


M Morgan said...

Yay Maya! Way to go!