Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mini-break update

Christmas break has come to an end :( It was so nice to have Dave home for a while, and we got a ton of projects done over break . . . so much so that I can only do a mini-update now:

1. We saw Santa:

2. We decorated (and then promptly undecorated so as to get the new furniture in, see #4)

3. We dressed up:

4. We got new couches. The other ones made you lean to the side when you sat on them. Despite our best reconstructive efforts, it was time for them to go. These ones recline . . . our gut reaction was that reclining couches might be a little low class, but our bodies' reaction was that they are fantastic. Here are Dave & Maya on the loveseat: (The loveseat has 2 separate recliners and the couch has two more. If you'd like to come put your feet on you can email me to get on the waiting list.)

You'll just have to wait for more :)

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