Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More updates hopefully to come soon. Here's a mini-update in the form of a giant run-on sentence. The content is what's been going on, and the writing style expresses my mental state :)

Maya learns more words everyday and is still trying to sign a lot but is tough to understand, starting to vocalize more which I'm trying to encourage, playing in a rice bin (boy that's messy) to desensitive her hands and feet, working on eating more textured foods (involves some crying and protesting), working on chewing solids, still doesn't like to stand up . . .I'm still working on painting #2, have made almost no headway in putting the 1300 pictures into albums, doing projects around the house (which has resulted in 2 weird photo galleries), also I'm the cat whisperer, and the rat babies have fur and are cute and their eyes should open any day now.

Oh, and Maya got a headband:

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