Thursday, January 7, 2010

So the back story to the painting is that Dave and I wanted to find some art for the apartment. Someone in his family joked over brunch "Oh, why don't you just paint it?" Ha ha ha. Good one. We went browsing for art here and there and found nada.

That same night, we watched the movie "My kid could paint that" (fantastic movie, btw). I had never seen anyone really paint before and kept thinking "Hmm, maybe we could do that". The idea was something big and abstract, to go over the couch.

Somehow that idea evolved into 4 paintings: 1. Something big and abstract. 2-4 Smaller paintings that were more still-life-ish (but not realistic) for the kitchen. I found something I liked for the first canvas, drew a grid on it, drew a grid on the canvas, sketched the design, and painted. Just basically created my own paint-by-numbers.

And now it's inished, for real. We debated on whether to leave the backgroun blank or paint it, I compromised by doing both----a white mini-border, a purple-ish frame. The picture is from my cell phone, so it's not ideal but I'll put nice ones up when they're all done. We picked the next painting to copy last night :)


lisa said...

turned out great! good job and great idea!

anne said...

NO WAY! That's really good - is it really possible that even I or Dave could paint also?