Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's been a busy few weeks here. Here are some pictures:

Maya got sick, but Dave helped her feel better with tissues and Sesame Street songs on YouTube:

Then she got better and we took a day trip to NJ and hung out with Grandpa:

Then it was time for her 2nd haircut :)

Then it was Dave's birthday!!!!!!!!!!! Hooray :) I made a cake after enlisting some recipe advice from my brilliant baking friend, Sarita:

But for real, who cares about the human goings on when we have a bunch of little babies here. In all honesty, while I've done the whole baby rodents thing a bunch of times, not everyone has. It's really pretty crazy to watch how quickly they grow.

There will end up being 8 white ones and 1 black one. Here is the black one, 1 full day old, barely pigmented:

Pile on a dinner plate (for perspective's sake):
See the difference in the size & coloring (5 days old)

When you lay them so that they are touching each other, they just instantly fall asleep. Here are all 9 of them (one head is underneath the pink guy all the way to the left) sleeping in my hand.

Doctor update: Maya saw her ENT today (again, he's a fantastic doctor). She seems to always have ear issues (fluid, pressure is off, failing routine hearing tests---but then passing the very sophisticated ones). All of these issues, combined with her speech delay, might justify putting ear tubes in. We'll go back next month to check her ears and decide tubes or no tubes.


Mel said...

They look like little hippos in the last picture. They're oddly cute.


grandma said...

i've never seen a little kid as happy as maya when they go for their haircut. she's just such an easy-going little girl!!as far as the rats, for an allergic child, maya sure has lots of pets. and if she's anything like her mom, she'll always find a way!! :c)