Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh brother.

So, for those of you who might not know our pet situation, we have 2 snakes, Ramona & Kona. (and 2 rabbits, who aren't part of this story). Both are ball pythons, both are somewhere around 4-5 ft long (it's hard to measure snakes, and who really cares, anyway). Dave brought home 2 rats on Monday night for the snakes (circle of life, my friends). Kona ate right away, Ramona wouldn't eat. Weird. She's never done that before.

We put the rat in its own little cage. Dave dealt with him, because rats have too much personality for me to feed to snakes without getting sad (mice, ok, rats, not so much). Tuesday night he tries again, Ramona won't eat. We feed the rat more, joke about our new pet.

This morning I go into the spare room (where the rabbits, snake, and our rat friend reside) and hear a weird high pitch noise. For a tiny fraction of a second I think one of the rabbits is having some sort of respiratory issue and then I think "O. M. G. I know that sound" . . .

Yes, those are babies. Apparently, Ramona is a humatitarian (rodentitarian?) and wouldn't eat a very pregnant momma. We moved mom & babies to a larger cage tonight and counted 9 babies.

Pile o' babies:

One baby, with woodchip:

Two babies:

PS: The glove was for two reasons: 1. Some first time moms are sensitive to human scent on a baby. 2. Some anxious moms will attack a human hand. Neither one proved to be an issue.

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