Sunday, June 26, 2011

Here we come, walking down the street (for real!)*

Back in November I had a similarly titled post, in which Maya got to "walk" Parker from her stroller.  It was very cute. (Parker looks so much smaller in that video, by the way.)

But you know what's cuter than that?

Maya really walking Parker.  She's on her 2 feet, he's on his 4 feet, and she's in charge (for better or worse).  (Parker is clearly not convinced that we're actually letting her be in charge.  He keeps shooting me glances like, "Really?  Just stick totally with her?  You don't want me to heel to you?")

Although Maya seemed pretty confident that she could open the door herself, I thought I should help her out.  So here we were after we made it inside:  (This one is long, but there are many cute moments, so I'm not cutting it down.)

The best parts:
0:30, when she sits at the window and kicks up her feet.  Too cute.
0:40, when she calls Parker because he's starting to wander off.  Show him who's in charge!
0:45, when I tell her to tell Parker to sit, and she stands up and holds up 1 finger---that's our "sit" signal :)
0:51, when she suddenly decides that it's time to move along (because, as it turns out, she remembered that on the walk home we told her we would get the mail when we got home)
1:26, because falling down is no big deal.
1:42, when she's just pulling him along on an adventure, and the size comparison of him walking behind her makes it look like she's leading a pony out to a field somewhere.

I guess the whole thing is pretty darn adorable :)


Nancy Cavillones said...

One, you're right: this is adorable. Two, that is an amazingly patient dog you have there. What a perfect match!

Anne said...

Definitely darn adorable!

Anonymous said...

Parker and Maya , you guys rock!

Joyce said...

Maya is pretty much ready for her own condo with Parker. You guys can visit and send her mail. Go Maya!

Mandi said...

This is awesome! YAY for Maya and Parker. And you're right, he is totally looking back at you like, "for real?"

Carla Baechtle said...

oh, TOO CUTE! i also have to give a shout-out to Dave for his very well-time comedic comment, "Good thing we got the mail!"

Emily said...

Way to go Maya!! Both so cute!! :)
And I saw your posts about the hearing aids: Please, don't be worried!! I'm 15, and I've had my hearing aids for almost 3 years. It's the best decision we've made (LONG story of why I need them). My speech is improving (even though I quit therapy :P) and I feel so much more confident at school and in social situations. It'll be worth it, I swear. Maya is a little fighter. I know how it is to an extent (My sister has cerebral palsy)...Some days you're used to Holland and some days you're screaming to get the hell out of Amsterdam.
But take it from someone who wears hearing aids on a daily basis: They're not uncomfortable once you get them fit right. Several new kinds are nearly invisible. The pros totally outweigh the cons. If you can get them to keep them in (My sister always pulled hers out ;) ), the benefits will be tremendous.
Can't wait for another hearing update, and to see pictures of the aids!
Best of luck,

Dana said...

Thanks, Emily :)

We're kind of at a confusing standstill with the haearing aids now, waiting to see if we can solidly figure out exactly what her hearing capabilities are.

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