Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Here we come, walking down the street*

Maya's figured out that Parker gets walked on a leash, and now she wants to be the one holding it.  So I devised a 2 leash system that lets her "walk" him from the stroller, but lets me be in charge (just a little sprinkle of uncommon sense) . . . poor Parker is slightly confused about where to walk, but he's figuring it out. 

Here's what it looks like:

I feel a little bit like I'm operating a sled dog team with the stroller in one hand and the leash sticking wayyyyy out in front of me with Parker walking near the front of the stroller . . . I can't imagine what people are thinking as we walk towards them on the sidewalk.  But if Maya can't see where Parker is, she keeps twisting around in the stroller . . . and I'm trying to introduce the phrase "With Maya" to tell Parker when to heel to her.

*If you watch the video closely, you'll also get a glimpse of my fun new puffy magenta coat, and one of the new Starbucks cups in action.)

**Tomorrow December arrives, the most fun month of all.  Stay tuned for a walk down Holiday Card memory lane, starting with Maya's first holiday card (2008).
***If you see an empty space with a play button, just click it and the video will appear.

****If you took the time to read all of these stars, you get 7 points. 


jerri said...

Maya did a great job! She really looked thrilled at being 'in charge' of Parker. (I don't have sound - I'm hoping she wasn't screaming "NO NO NO NO!") Good job, Mommy! (nice coat, by the way - we'll not lose you in a snow bank!)

grandma said...

i get 7 points!!!!! plus, love the video---i always love maya and parker together

anne said...

Very cute. What an array of bright colors. I think Parker needs a yellow jacket. Y'all definitely won't get hit by a car!
See you soon,A

Colleen H said...

I also get 7 points - love the video and LOVE LOVE LOVE the Christmas card. I do hope that this month is a good one for the Nieder family, without too much stress.

Laura said...

Does it bother you that I'm not sure who's cuter: Parker or Maya? Tell Parker to watch his tail, he might end up in Terrifica real soon!