Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No dark sarcasm in the classroom*

(Well, maybe a bit of sarcasm.  But nothing really dark.)

Earlier this month I was invited to go and speak at a local college, which was really flattering.   I spoke to an Early Childhood class about our story---what it was like to realize we were in the special needs world, what day to day life is like, what it's like to become an advocate, and what my concerns/hopes are about entering preschool. 

Dave helped me prepare by surprising me with these (the night before):

*If you don't know what sitcom this is a shout-out to, shame on you the answer is at the bottom of the post*

The craziest part to me was seeing my blog up on the big screen in a classroom:

I sent this pic to Dave via text and he responded "Wow, you got 1 person to come?  Good job!".  (Eyeroll)  That's the professor . . . we were chatting and I said "Sorry---keep talking---I just have to take a picture of this because it's so cool!"

I had a great time talking and answering questions.   I talked about way back in the beginning, showed pictures, played video clips, and marveled in my head about how the blog is kind of our virtual baby book.  (That makes up for the fact that I never filled in the actual baby book, right?  Right?!)

Today,  Maya got a package in the mail from the class that I spoke with, along with a sweet little card thanking her for letting me come to visit. 

Is that what I think it is?!

I asked her, "Maya, where's the cow?", so she picked this book out of the bin that was next to her and held it up.  Clever little thing :)

He's so fun to roll around with.  Thanks for thinking of me, Early Childhood folks!

*The candy bars were an Office reference, from when Michael goes to speak at Ryan's business school.  Have a look for yourself:


AVIVA said...

Dana you totally rock! I have been reading the blog (second day I'm home sick) and watching the videos. Maya is sooo lucky to have you for her Mom. Oh and just like Maya I love cows. I mean really, cows are awesome!

Jan Bernstein Chargin said...

I never filled out the baby books either. I finally gave them to an uber-mom of twins who could be trusted with them. They just made me feel guilty!