Friday, November 12, 2010

Maya's an animal. And she plays with one too.

2 new videos from this week:

1.  Maya &Parker are BFFs.  He likes to try to engage her in playing, which is adorable.  When I unrolled the tunnel for Maya the other day, they immediately fell into playing this game:  Maya crawls through the tunnel, Parker walks along the outside.  When Maya passes by a window he would poke his nose with it, which makes her giggle wildly.  Then when she emerges, he gives her a thorough sniffing to make sure nothing strange happened in the tunnel:

2.  Maya makes animal sounds now!  She can do a cow (Oom.  It's "moo" backwards), a duck (which is clicking her tongue), and a dog (for some strange reason, a dog nods, apparently.  I don't know if maybe I nod my head when I say "woof" or what.  But if you ask her what a dog says, she nods).

Also, she'll "sing" for you, which is saying "la la la".

Stay tuned through the surprise ending.

As usual, if you don't see the videos just click play and they'll appear.

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