Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week one, pigeon-style

One of the pigeon chicks is 1 week old today (the lazier one will be one week old tomorrow).   Here's a glimpse into pigeon growth & development in the first week:

Day 1: 
Tiny enough to fit in an egg, with my rings

Day 2:
The lazy baby hatched, too!
Day 3:

Still little enough to fit on my lens cap

Day 4:
 Two chick butts sticking out from under MP

See the first hints of grey by the shoulder blade?  Grey feathers are soon to come

Day 5:
Maya comes to meet the pigeons  . . . which MP does not like:

Hrmphh.  I'm going to wait over here. 

Mama!  There's a pigeon over there!

The yellow baby feathers are getting more and more sparse, and I see grey down the wings and on the chest now.  And their eyes are open!

Maya: There are baby birds!  Right over there!
Parker:  I wish I could see :(

Day 7: (That's today)

Look at the little flight feathers coming in, all down the wing!

See my engagement ring?  (Directly in front of the bird on your right).  Man, birds grow fast!

The Ring Side-by-Side:


Erica said...

those have got to be the UGLIEST birds ever. but VERY cool to see them growing!

Run Amy Run said...

Only you could make pigeons seem exciting and wonderful!