Friday, June 10, 2011

Now I know my ABC's* (obviously, Mom, I've known them for a while but you never asked)

My girl's a genius.

Yesterday I mentioned that she recognized some letters at the pool, so today I was going to make some letter flashcards.  I printed out letters in a giant font, cut them out, taped them to index cards (half an index card per letter) and put them through the laminator.  My plan was to cut them out while we ate breakfast, but Maya was being especially cranky, so I gave her a whole laminated sheet of letters to play with, and decided to ask her about them.

Ok, I had thought that she would know A and M, because we do a lot of "M is for Maya" and the letter A just shows up a lot (like in ABCs, on blocks, etc).  But J?  H?  What in the world?  She must have learned them from her letter video and the general talking about letters that we do every day----but I'm shocked! 

So I finished the letter cards this morning.  They look like this:

And then I hole-punched them and stuck them on a key ring for each transport and storage.  I'm not sure what I'm going to use them for, but hopefully having them handy will lead to simple reinforcing moments.  Now when I say "Blueberries start with B . . . b-b-blueberries" I can also flash the card to make that connection.

(If you're a parent or educator who has done other letter stuff, or you have ideas on how to use the cards, drop me a line please---


Cynda Western Felini said...

We do lots of letter games. We started out just doing games where I held the card and said "which letter makes (sound)." Snugglebug thought it was a fun game. Now he can id all the letters so we have a matching game. I have three capital letters out and three small letters out. Then we have a card with both the capital and the small letter. He has to search out the capital and the small letters matching the main card. Does that make sense?

Krystle said...

I was just discussing with the SLP that I wanted to laminate & cut out pictures to put on a key ring to take with us. So that when we are at a dr and she's screaming bloody murder for water, I don't have to get dirty looks for "if you could just say water Peyton, this would be soo much easier statements" lol.

Way to go!

Nancy Cavillones said...

Your tenure as a teacher has made you incredibly well-suited to handling this challenge.
You could put pictures on the flip side of the card, Blueberries for B, Cat for C, etc. (I don't know if that will work if you've already laminated them, though.)

Cheri said...

Such a smart girl!!