Monday, June 6, 2011

3 ducklings, 2 pigeon chicks, and 1 unsuspecting little girl


Maya's special instructor, Virginia, brought over some ducklings today!  (She's a teacher by day, special instructor by night, and the eggs were hatched in her classroom.)  Maya and I were equally excited:

(gasp) Are those . . .

Mommy, ducks!!!!

They are only 5 days old and super cute.  We let them waddle around, drink and splash, eat some food.  When I walked and did a birdy whistle they followed me like I was their mama duck!  Maya was enthralled.  Check out my future ornithologist:

Hmmm.  You duckies are verrry interesting.

Then one of the ducklings started pecking at her foot, which was hilarious:

And did you notice that right at the end of that video the striped duck was checking out Maggie (one of the Little People.  Yes, we know their names.)?  Well, Maya thought it was ridiculous that the ducks wanted to play with Maggie:

Virginia!  That duck's kissing Maggie?!

Oh, Mommy, this is just too much fun.


The second egg hatched this morning, and MP is now the proud mama to 2 very ugly baby pigeons :)


Miss Maya went to sleep tonight blissfully unaware that tomorrow morning we're heading to the hospital for her ABR.  She's scheduled to start at 7:30, and we need to arrive at the hospital by 6, so it's going to be an early morning.

I can't help but feel like I'm betraying her when we head in for this kind of stuff.  She has no idea what's going on, or why she can't eat or drink anything, and then is scared, and then feels miserable.  I feel like I should have started my apologies tonight . . .

I'm sorry for misleading you into thinking this is just a normal night, little girl.  Truth be told, early tomorrow we're going to whisk you out of here with no food or water and pass you over to a team in the hospital.

 . . . and continue them straight through tomorrow afternoon . . .

I'm sorry that you're groggy and cranky and don't understand why.
I'm sorry that we have to keep waking you up to get you to drink when you just want to sleep it off.
I'm sorry because we chose this for you and you didn't even get a vote.

 . . . ending with the grand finale of either . . .

I'm so sorry that we put you through this whole stupid test only to find out that your hearing was perfectly fine all along. 

 . . . or . . .

I'm so sorry that it took so long for us to figure out that you couldn't hear perfectly. 


I will try to update the Facebook page when she is out and ok, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it from my phone.  Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers.  Although she's been sedated (3) other times, this is by far the longest procedure, and I can't help but be anxious (and apologetic).


Jaymi said...

Great pictures- so cute! Just wanted to let you know I can relate to how you are feeling about the ABR. Sammie had one a few months ago and I feel so bad when I have to hand her off, they sedate her and she comes back to me confused and groggy. :( Although I must say she woke up so much happier/ easier from the ABR than from any other procedure we have done. I think it is because it is such a long test. When she has been sedated for MRI's or ear tubes it is so quick that she wakes up very cranky and upset because she just wanted to stay asleep.
We are going in on Friday for an 8 hr video EEG and I am getting nervous about how I am going to explain to Sammie that she needs to have dozens of wires attached to her head and be stuck in one room all day. These poor little ones... They go through so much and are amazingly strong. Good luck tomorrow. :)

Jo-Anne said...

Oh the little chicks are so cute! I have to admit, I even think the 'ugly' pigeon babies are cute lol. Best of luck to Maya and you guys through this procedure. Hopefully the time will find a way to go by quickly.

Anonymous said...

Pigeon babies, a face only a mother could love.

Good luck today Maya! I hope all goes well with your ABR test. Your mama will probably give you all kinds of snugglin's, so it'll be worth it.