Thursday, July 1, 2010

You know you're a fan. Let's make if Facebook official :)

Alright, everybody, LISTEN UP!

We've started a "Fan Page" on Facebook for the blog.  It's called "Uncommon Sense Blog" and you can become a fan just by clicking on that little button on the upper right side of this page.

Why become a fan?  Here's the thing . . .  it takes some time to put a blog post together.  I have to upload pictures, weed through them, upload them to blogger and move them around.  Then type something up, hopefully something entertaining, and post.

Facebook updates?  They take no time at all.  A few seconds, maybe.  The storage space for pictures is unlimited, so I can upload a lot more stuff (and faster, too!).  Random silly stuff happens to us all the time, and Dave says "You should blog about that!" but I never have time, or it wouldn't make for a full posting . . . this is the stuff that I'll throw up on the fan page.

-There is a mockingbird a few blocks away who sings a car alarm, like the full sequence.  It's awesome.
-Dave wore his shorts inside out to the park today, and then took 7 minutes to fold (and refold, and refold) our picnic blanket that zips up, causing me to laugh so hard that I fell over (literally)
-We may have broken up a marriage by misdialing a phone number 2 days ago (longish story)

Plus, maybe we'll have some heated debates about things----I'm going to start collecting cans and bottles from around the 'dale to start cashing in for $?  Any feelings about that?  Think I'm turning into a bag lady (or a genius?)?   All this and more will be on the FB fan page.

Dave says that I can't get out of the blogging cage until I get some serious fans, so please start "liking" us.  You know, officially. 

In other news, Parker has added this chair to his repetoire of favorite places to sit.  I can't wait until he starts falling out of it . . . which, from the looks of things, should be any day now:

Oh, Maya's making such great progress in feeding therapy that we're now having her eat dog food:

(Actually, the pic on the left was a training excerise to have Parker learn that if Maya wasnts to play with his food that's too bad for him, and he needs to back off and wait.  And the pic on the right?  Well, what can I say.  (Ok, for real, the bag was closed---it was just a funny picture---don't send hate mail!))

1 comment:

Lisa said...

sadly at this point i will not be an 'official fan' as i am probably 1 of the few people in their (late) 20's that is not on facebook!

but, i definitely expect some details about the wrong number situation next time i talk to you!