Sunday, July 11, 2010

Success! (and a near fail)

Parker's evaluation today went fabulously :)  He was his typical adorable self, friendly (but not too friendly), obedient, and polite.  He made it into the therapy dog program and did so well that we get to skip the first half of the classes (level 1 is "Basic Obedience", level 2 is "Therapy Skills")---way to save us some cash, Parker!  We'll start the therapy skills class in September, and once he completes the 5 sessions we'll be a certified therapy dog team.  We'll volunteer one hour per month, and more details will come as I learn more about the program.

Speaking of therapy, Dave almost undid months of feeding therapy in 30 seconds the other night, by attempting to feed Maya a spoonful of blue cheese (which would have probably induced vomiting and caused mistrust of all-things-that-come-on-a-spoon):

The picture is a little hard to make out---Dave and I were eating really hot wings (yum).  He was simultaneously feeding Maya some jarred baby food, and the multitasking proved to be too difficult . . . luckily, when he dipped her baby spoon into the blue cheese we both realized it (and burst out laughing) before she got a taste.


Jenn D. said...

Go Parker! You guys are awesome. Great job!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dana, I am so happy and not the least bit surprised. You and dave and Maya have done a fabulous job preparing him and he is a magnificent standard poodle!

god bless all of you.

PS, One of Parkers brothers , Charlie, will be spending a few days with us, I will sed photos!

Toni said...

I don't know why my comment came out as anonymous, have to get used to the blogging.