Thursday, July 29, 2010

Snack Trap

The other day we went out for a walk and I gave Maya some cheerios in a snack trap.  A snack trap!  I wanted to shout to passersby (seriously, did you know that was the plural of passerby?) :  "Hey!  Look at my kid!  She can eat cheerios all by herself!  So shut it!"

 (Why did anyone have to "shut it"?  I have no idea.  But in my head, I was celebrating and needlessly trash talking at the same time.)

I was so excited that I stopped to take a picture:

And then the celebration ended, as she shoved 28 cheerios into her mouth and panicked (which I also captured in a photo):

I knelt next to her (taking deep breaths) and waited as she scraped out a few with her fingers, swallowed a few whole, and managed to chew one or two.

That was the end of our (very short) time with the snack trap.  (In all seriousness, after talking with the OT and the feeding therapist, they think that she doesn't have the fine motor skills to pick up only a few pieces to eat at a time.  Most toddlers either have the motor skills to put a few in their mouth at a time, or the oral motor skills that let them compensate if they shove too much in at once.  She doesn't have either, so we need to help her by giving her a few pieces at a time.)

Tomorrow is Dave's last day of summer school, and Maya can't wait to have him home for a month :)


Run Amy Run said...

Ah, this parenting thing -- so much is trial and error! We fished so many things out of Lily's mouth (including her big sister's Barbie shoes).

Foxxy One said...

I loved snack traps until Dylan figured out how to take off the lid and dump everything. She is so adorable! I love the shirt.

lisa said...

my favorite part of this post is by far the trash talking!! that's the big sister i know and love! :)

and the pics are always fabulous too!

Anonymous said...

I love the trash talking! LOL. And my kids are 3 and 5 and I still find myself saying, "Too much! That is too much! You are going to choke!"...we have had our share of the 28-cherrio stuffing adventures :)

Dana said...

Lisa & Anonymous-I swear, sometimes on TV you see the little angel and devil pop up on someone's shoulder? My inner voice is a trash-talker, in good times and bad :)

Amy-my parents had to fish things out of my nose! A pez candy got me a trip to the ER, once.

Foxxy-I love the shirt too :)

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