Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Magnetic chalkboard wall, part 1.5

It's part 1.5 because I haven't actually done anything else.  It's too hot to add paint fumes to the air, and I've been busy with other stuff.  Maya, however, was shocked to see the changes that had transpired during Monday's nap:

What the heck is this?!

And tape?!  On the wall?!  Oh no, mommy.  Let me just take this down for you.

One of the errands that I ran yesterday was to pick up Parker's monthly flea/tick prevention medicine.  I didn't want to walk him to the vet in the heat, so I had to weigh him at home.  I nearly fell over trying to get on the scale.

Hmm, I think he's grown a bit since we got him---what do you think?
4/23: 21.8 lbs                                                              7/6: 44 lbs!

Finally, and most importantly, my mom had surgery today.  If you have any good thoughts/prayers/vibes to spare, please send them her way.  Best wishes for a quick and speedy recovery, mom!  I know that if you end up getting internet in the hospital, you'll stop by here!

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of course i checked in ---but for some reason i wasn't able to post a comment!!!