Sunday, May 8, 2011

We beat the plague and celebrate (with a cow, too)

We're now at a full day with no fever (and 2 days without a high fever) and I'm feeling relieved at finally turning the corner.   Getting Maya back on solid food is likely to be a week long battle (as she's happily transitioned to a diet composed solely of milk, water, applesauce, yogurt & chocolate pudding), but at least the fever is gone and she's on the road to normal.

We celebrated with a fabulous feeling-better-and-it's-Mother's-Day-too! weekend . . .

Saturday . . .

We go to Stew Leonard's, which never disappoints.  This time they have some sort of kids club thing happeneing outside, complete with snacks, hand painting, and . . . a calf!

A baby cow?!

 I'm going to come get you, baby cow.

 True love.  Note the cow trying to lick Maya---I think the feeling is mutual. (Also, note my death grip---I've seen Maya's "gentle hands" with Parker, and was afraid she might try to love the cow to death.)

 I think she was debating a big kiss on the nose.

I'm going to kiss you!

One big snuggle for the road :)

We become the hand painter's favorite client of the day when I request . . .  not a princess, not Spongebob, not a tiger, but a white circle.  It's the moon.  Maya is obsessed with the moon (ever since we took her outside with friends back in March to see the "Super Moon").  

And on Saturday night I made a big fancy Mother's Day dinner.  It may have been one night early, but I was excited to splurge on nice food and spend some time in the kitchen after spening most of the week sick.   So I bought the food I wanted, the flowers I wanted, and the good local beer I wanted and made up a nice meal:
Why not take a picture of dinner?  This was steak, potatoes, bok choy, garlic green beans, and tomato/onion salad.  I didn't get a picture of the amazing dessert, but it was equally wonderful.

Sunday . . .

I went out shopping alone, and Dave & Maya went to the zoo.  While it was nice to have a little break from toddler mom duties, I quickly became a little lonely (and remembered that I hate shopping).  So I went home, grabbed Parker, my book, and an iced coffee, and laid out a blanket at the park instead.

That's much more my speed.
The afternoon brought trips to 2 different playgrounds, walking around the neighborhood, and take-out Thai food from my favorite local place. 

 Maya was delighted to find a stopped up, filled-with-muddy-sand water fountain at the second playground. 

 Hey, you!  Come here!  You've got to see this!

 Successfully dirtying other playground children.

She may have also had a grown-up partner in crime.

It was a perfect return-to-health/Mother's Day weekend :)

Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there!  Especially to my mom (Maureen), sister (Lisa), mother-in-law (Helaine), and sisters-in-law (Anne, Laura, & Lori).


Unknown said...

Looks like a lovely weekend! I love the shots of Maya with the cow! Henry and the girls were at the same playground this afternoon, by the way.

Dana said...

Nancy-I saw them (and your husband, I think)! But they were leaving just as we were crossing the street to get there.

Jo-Anne said...

Oh I just love Maya with the cow. ADORABLE! I'm glad everyone was feeling better and you got to have a nice Mother's Day weekend. =)

grandma said...

such great pics!!! we had many animals when you were little but never a calf---i can just picture maya bringing home any strays she can get her hands on!! LOL. and thanks for the shoutout---i had a great mother's day wknd seeing all my family :-)

anne said...

Happy mother's day to you too. We also spent the day with a cow and some chickens. :)