Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm no writer, but this guy is

I've tried three times to start this post.  The first time I even typed out something that was a few paragraphs long, then I deleted it.  Ironically, I'm trying to write about how I'm not a writer. 

This blog was started to fill friends and family in on my pregnancy, then to share pictures of Maya, then to also share medical stuff as it unfolded, and then I added some of my thoughts to it.  The things you read here sound like my thoughts . . . I'm informal, I don't follow grammar rules (due to a combination of simple ignorance and willful ignoring), and I have a tendency to-do-this-thing-with-the-dashes when I don't know how to make a rambly thought not turn into a run-on sentence that leaves a reader lost in the middle, thinking "huh?". 

I'm unpolished.  And often I look back on posts and think "Argh!  Why didn't I use a different adjective there?  Or add in a few sentences about xyz?"

Every so often I come across a blog post that inspires me with it's ability to get things out in a simple, clear, vivid and compelling way.  And so it was when a friend (Thanks, Kris!) sent this my way last week.

This post, along the lines of "spread the word to end the word", is fantastic.   (It also makes my humble post on STWTETW day look, well, mightily inferior, but que sera sera.) 

Please take the time to read it.  The author puts into (beautifully crafted) words the exact sentiments that I, and many others, feel.

If you have a family member with special needs (or work with people with special needs) and hate the word "retarded", this post will have you nodding and saying "Yes! That is how I feel.  Thank you for putting it in better words that I can."

If you're of the I-hear-what-you're-saying-and-I'm-sorry-it-hurts-you-but-really-it's-just-a-word mindset, I really and truly believe that this post will give you a type of insight and perspective that will be eye opening.  

(Just in case you can't see the hyperlink on your screen, here's the direct link to the post, on Robert Rummel-Hudson's blog, Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords:  http://www.schuylersmonsterblog.com/2011/05/just-word.html)


kris said...

1st, I love your blog, D. You've do a great job of sharing Maya with us, of sharing your story and your journey.

Rob is one of my favorite bloggers, and has been for several years. I know you were reading some memoirs, and I can't recommend his (Schuyler's Monster) highly enough.

Angela said...

I saw the post forwarded from +15, and I agree with you and I'm following his blog now. I disagree that you're not an excellent writer, though. I think that one of the most important aspects of writing is "voice" and you have that in spades. When a person can write the way they talk (on purpose, not on accident), that is skill!

On another note, I love Maya's smile. I see that cute grin and it looks like Richie's smile to me. So all the time now, when I see a posted picture of Maya, I am reminded of the baby in the next room!

Erica said...

i have to agree with the previous commenter that you are a helluva writer. i can "hear" how you might talk in real life without even knowing you and i like that. its how i hope my blog "sounds" too. i think there is something to be said for writing like you speak. you do it well.

his post was amazing too. and I might have to share it as well! thanks!!

Tanya said...

oh man. I'm in tears from reading his blog post. Thanks for posting the link...