Saturday, May 28, 2011

Twas the night before . . .

the birthday bash, and all through the apartment . . .
Every single thing was cleaned and in the appropriate compartment.

That's all the poetry you're getting.  Sorry to disappoint.

I've been cleaning and organizing all week.  All week!  And that's not an exaggeration.  It's like we've finally moved in to this apartment, for real.  The "garage" room has become a perfectly usable playroom/office/guest room.  Dave's office is functional.  It's really, really nice :)

Most of the cleaning was done as of yesterday so that today could be spent doing the shopping and as much  food prep as possible---I really want to be able to enjoy tomorrow, and not to feel so busy that I miss the day.   Although Maya's real birthday is Monday, she thinks tomorrow is the big day, and basically, it is.

Dave has been a big help---he's been taking Maya out to the playground so that I can work in peace.  Today he also tried to help by making a pot of coffee for me.  Despite explaining to him the new bean-grinding system (the grinder button bent and requires a special manuever) he thought he could figure out a "better way".

His "better way" caused a coffee explosion, which caused me (and every exposed surface) to get pelted with an onslaught of projectile beans.  I had put a cake into the oven mere seconds before----I would have flipped out if it had become coffee-bean-filled.

After Maya woke up we agreed that the best way to help would be to just leave and let me work :)

In other news, Maya received a totally sweet (and simultaneously totally creepy) gift from a lovely family who reads the blog, and who I then "met" on a message board.  Thanks to Laura & Harmony (from The Wagner Three) for the fabulous vulture puppet!

Yeah, a vulture puppet.

It's actually so weird looking that I thought Maya might not recognize it as a vulture . . . but oh no, she loves it!

I love this new vulture!

I push him in the stroller and read him this book.

 Vulture, you make me laugh!

A kiss for my new friend :)

I'm so excited for her birthday tomorrow!  We'll be up early to decorate :)


Danielle said...

Maya and I share a birthday! Tomorrow is my celebration day as well, May 30th - what an awesome day to be born! Happy Birthday Maya.

Anonymous said...

I am seriously dying laughing. I was actually mildly concerned it would scare her. Or like you said, she wouldn't recognize it as the same critter as her little plastic vulture. For real, I'm just laughing hysterically at the pic of the vulture in the stroller. I'm so very glad she likes it, and hope she has a fantastic birthday!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and, you can totally call me out by name and blog. I got nuthin to hide :)

Jo-Anne said...

Good luck tomorrow. I'm sure it will be amazing! Happy 'early' Birthday Maya! =)

Me said...

The vulture in the stroller is too much!

J said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Maya!!
Oh I just want to say Dana, I love the Dave posing pictures ( ie the coffee spill and the pigeon found near Parker's food) you guys make laugh, I love your sense of humour !! Did you guys do any acting etc, at school? I just reckon from those funny posed photos you may have?