Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blech. And a bonus giveaway entry.

Maya is sick.  I'm sick, too, but that doesn't seem to matter much.  She's little, and her fever is higher than mine, so she gets all of the pampering.  This morning I awoke to hearing her scream from the crib (which was terrifying) and when I ran in and took her temperature it was 104.8.  Yikes, dude.  Scary stuff.  It seems to be just a virus, and hopefully tomorrow will be much better.

For the past two days, there has been a lot of this:

And a very few bundled-up outings, too:

At the dog run, in between fevers.

Lucky for her, she's been very stylish throughout this illness because the other day I gave her her very first little manicure:

They're blue---blue is her favorite color, she picked it out at CVS

2 days left for the giveaway!  I already laid out the 4 different ways to enter, but I thought of a 5th!  You can leave an extra comment on the original giveaway post if you share the giveaway link (  on FB  (or if you email it to someone, that way the non-FB folks can get a bonus one too).

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